Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Holistic way to improve your health

"The highest ideal of cure is the rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of health; that is, the lifting and annihilation of the disease in its entire extent in the shortest, most reliable,  and least disadvantgeous way, according to clearly realisable." ​

Samuel Hahnemann


What can Hiroko Homeopathy offer?

Homeopathic remedies are chosen by presenting symptoms, not selected by a medical diagnosis. Because everyone is having unique patterns.

In a Homeopathic consultation, we talk about your main complaints, lifestyle, wellbeing, and emotional health etc.

I will be looking into your conditions and analyse all your information, and prescribe a customised prescription for you.


Hiroko Homeopathy provides these holistic approaches by using mainly Homeopathy. I also recommend Herbal Tinctures, Supplements, Flower Essences and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis to customise for each one to help to improve your health, if needed. But these options are entirely up to you.


If you want to explore further about Homeopathy, Flower Essences, and Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, please visit “About” page or click the button below for more information.

Who is suitable for Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is traditionally used for various conditions. There are some examples below.

Skin – eczema, acne, psoriasis

Respiratory – hayfever, asthma, coughs

Emotional disturbances – depression, panic attacks, shock

Hormonal imbalances – menopause, PMS (premenstrual syndrome),  infertility

Digestive problems – IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases)

Recurrent infections – tonsillitis, cystitis, thrush, herpes

Other conditions – autistic spectrum, chronic fatigue, headaches, insomnia, gout, etc.

If you would like any information before starting your initial consultation, please feel free to book a 15mins free consultation by clicking the button below.


Where is the consultation held?

I am seeing my clients at Ealing Clinic in London.

Alternatively, I see my clients via online video worldwide.

Address : Ealing Clinic

Kataoka JNEI Acupuncture Clinic

9 Spring Bridge Mews, Spring Bridge Road, Ealing, London, W5 2AB

How about insurance cover?

I am a registered Homeopath in Society of Homeopaths. 

If you have private insurance which covers homeopathy, you can claim for it.

Please check your insurance company for more detail.

What Clients Say

"I am so happy with the way Hiroko handled my son and daughter's case. She managed to prescribe remedies which helped them to get better. I saw a real improvement in their physical and emotional state. 

Thank you so much for helping us!"

Shirin (London)