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How can homeopathy help you?

Hiroko Yokosawa

Homeopath BSc(Hons) LCHE, RSHom

BSc Pharmacy 

BFVEA accredited Practitioner

Who can use homeopathy?

Why would you want to use homeopathy?

I qualified as a pharmacist in 1995 and worked in my native Japan before moving to London in 2007 where I retrained as a homeopath at the Centre for Homeopathic Education.

I currently work in the renowned Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in the busy Covent Garden. During eight years there I have deepened my understanding of homeopathic remedies, nutrition and herbal supplements and gained a wealth of experience prescribing for a diversity of health challenges for people all over the world.


Working at Helios gives me access to the latest trends and information about homeopathy and new skills which, in turn, benefits my clients.


I am also trained to work with Flower Essences and bring this knowledge and understanding of their transformative properties to support the customers and staff at Helios to enhance their health and resilience. 


I offer both clinic based and online consultations in English and Japanese to support all ages with health and well-being in a holistic, natural and compassionate way. 


Hiroko Homeopathy provide these therapies as follows,

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules


Homeopathy is a type of vibrational medicine which was established by Dr Samuel Hahnemann over 200 years ago. 

Homeopathic remedies are made from various materials on the planet and the process of dilution and succussion during making remedies create unique vibration. Homeopaths are trained by selecting the remedies, potencies (strength), timing and the wide range of approaches to fit individual complaints.

What homeopathy can do is to align and balance your energy and leading you to heal by using remedies.

During the consultation, a homeopath will ask you various questions to find the right remedies for you. This process and remedies help you to reach the subconscious mind and to bring back the realisation to who you are.


Flower Essence

Flower Essences are used by the sun infusion method pioneered in the 1930s by Dr. Edward Bach.

Flower Essences are vibrational essences that work on the subtle levels of our human anatomy and stabilise the nervous system.

Now his method has been used by many healers all over the world and many types of flower essences are produced from various origins in the world.

I mainly use Bach, Australian Bush, and Findhorn Flower Essences in my practice.

I qualified as a BFVEA (British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association) practitioner.


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Trace mineral analysis is a test which measures the mineral content of your hair. The mineral content of the hair reflects the mineral content of the body's tissues. If a mineral deficiency or excess exists in the hair, it usually indicates a mineral deficiency or excess within the body, or biounavailability.

The test is not only to show the balance of trace minerals, but also the heavy metal toxicity.

The blood test shows the moment of your body condition, but hair tissue mineral analysis can provide the result of body condition about the last 3 months.

Reiki Treatment

Jikiden Reiki

"Reiki" can be described as the universal energy of existence, which flows through all life and matter. it can assist in the healing of both body and mind.

I offer Jikiden Reiki, which is based on the original teachings of Mr. Usui (founder of Reiki).


During my Jikiden Reiki treatment, I place my hands directly on the receiver while they remain fully clothed and relaxed. This is because direct touch gives a more focused and concentrated treatment and allows the client to feel byosen (energy) more easily.

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