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Homeopathy for period pain

Many women are suffering from menstrual pain and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Some people may experience irregular menstruation with pains.

For those who manage to get by every month with painkillers.

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Menstrual pain is often asked about at homeopathic pharmacy counters.

Many women are suffering from menstrual pain and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). Some people may experience period pain with irregular menstruation or menstruation.

It is common for menstrual periods to be erratic for a while after menarche, as women enter puberty and try to create their rhythm, adjusting their hormonal balance. If you go to the doctor, it is typical in the UK to introduce "contraceptive pills''. If you introduce the pill at an important time when your body is trying to create a rhythm, your period may come regularly, but it is an artificially created menstruation.

By using drugs before the body learns its rhythms, it is left unable to produce its natural rhythms. This may affect your hormone balance in later life, too. Menstrual imbalance is also a sign that your body is trying to tell you what's going on. At this point, it is ideal to listen to your body and support from the root of the cause. This time, we will share five secrets to help balance your hormones and relieve menstrual pain.

Tip #1 - Don't get stressed out

Modern life is often exposed to stress, such as exams, assignments, job negotiations, and work deadlines. When exposed to stress, it is called a "Fight or Fright" condition to survive the current situation, the human body releases stress hormones and prepares the body to respond to dangerous situations.

The human body's top priority is survival. When the body senses a dangerous situation, reproductive functions are left to deal with. Pregnenolone (pregnenolone), which is used to make sex hormones, is also used to cope with stress. If too much of this is taken away to cope with stress, the share needed to create and produce sex hormones will decrease, resulting in a shortage (Figure 1).

Figure1 :Pregnenolone Steal Instagram:hirokohomeopathy

Therefore, it is important to live a stress-free life. Some may say, "It is impossible to do that..."

Some people tend to get stressed easily and others don't.

One way is to observe your unique patterns of why you accumulate stress, understand them, and deal with them.

A type of herb called Adaptogen helps you cope with stress. One option is to include herbal supplements such as Ashwagandha and Rhodiola rosea.

Magnesium is a mineral that works on the nerves and makes you feel relaxed. In today's stressful modern life, most people are said to be lacking. When you're feeling stressed, it's also a good idea to take a good Magnesium supplement. Zinc is an important mineral for reproductive organs. Let's use supplements every day when we don't have enough from our meals. Vitamin C has anti-inflammatory properties. In times of stress, keep yourself supplied. Try to get it through your diet or when necessary, use supplements. Caffeine can temporarily stimulate your adrenal glands, increasing your stress hormone levels and helping you cope with a crisis. However, if used in excess, the adrenal glands may become exhausted and the hormonal balance may collapse. It's best to limit your caffeine intake when your hormones are imbalanced.

Tip #2 - Lifestyle habits

Sleep is a time for your body to recover and restore hormonal balance. If you're jet-lagged or staying up too late, you'll miss out on this recovery opportunity. In Chinese medicine, it is said that the particular time of sleep is relative to the recovery time of the organs. Try to sleep at least between 10 pm and 2 am.

In your diet, it is important to consume a balanced selection of vitamins, minerals, and proteins at regular intervals throughout the day.

If you skip meals due to busy work, it can affect hormone secretion. Your body can go into "starvation mode", which can impact reproductive hormones.

For people who tend to be constipated, hormones that are no longer needed are reabsorbed from the intestines, which can disrupt the hormonal balance.

Incorporate fermented foods into your diet, and if that's difficult, use probiotics. Some people find that their menstrual pain has improved simply by being careful about their diet and eliminating constipation. Create a regular bowel movement rhythm.

Tip #3 - Avoid putting unnecessary substances in your body, such as synthetics, chemicals, additives, and heavy metals.

When you eat, additives in your food, plastic and aluminium in packaging and containers, and even utensils used for cooking that are coated with chemicals can leach out and release hormones. It is said that it also affects balance. These substances are called ``endocrine disruptors,'' and are also called ``environmental hormones'' or ``xenoestrogens.''

It is desirable to avoid using plastic containers and bottles when buying, preparing, and storing food. Also, be careful about pesticides, additives, preservatives, etc. Please use organic and pesticide-free foods as much as possible, and be mindful about cooking utensils and cooking methods. Creams and cosmetics you put on your body are absorbed through your skin. Check the ingredient list and be wary about what you put on your skin.

If something isn't natural, your liver will think it's not food and work hard to detoxify it. Here, it is important to avoid putting too many unnecessary artificial substances into the body so that detoxification can occur smoothly without putting too much strain on the liver. Examples of heavy metals include exhaust gas, chemicals, and those leached from cooking utensils. Depending on the location, some areas may have high levels of heavy metals in the environment. If you have any doubts, you may want to have a hair mineral analysis done. Homeopathy can also be used to detox heavy metals and chemicals. If you are concerned about the relationship between your symptoms, we recommend consulting with a homeopath.

Tip #4 - Detox

Detox mentioned above. It is also possible that unnecessary substances in your body are disrupting your hormonal balance.

We recommend that you start detoxing after you are well enough.

Even in homeopathy consultations, we create and prescribe detox programs tailored to each individual's condition.

Please also refer to the blog I wrote in the past titled "Golden Rules for Detox''.

Get rid of excess substances from your body, keep your liver working smoothly, and ensure that excess hormones are released smoothly.

Tip #5 - Homeopathic remedies commonly used for menstrual pain

There are many homeopathic remedies for menstrual pain. In reality, it is best to prescribe remedies according to the characteristics of each person, but here are nine commonly used remedies.

Magnesium Phos

A sharp pain comes in fits and starts. Pain is relieved by applying heat, pressure, and movement. It calms down when you bend forward or when menstrual blood begins to flow. Also for sharp stabbing pains around the ovaries.


Bleeding a lot along with pain in the lower back.The pain is throughout the pelvis and seems to move from side to side. It feels like the uterus is tightening and you may get a headache for a few days before the period comes. When you feel the pain not only around your ovaries but also spreading to your thighs.


You feel a heavy pain around the ovaries and want to bent forward and cannot sit still. Menstruation occurs frequently. Worsened by eating or drinking. Pain that comes from anger.


Intense pain that felt like it was pulsating. There are symptoms on the right side, and the symptoms appear suddenly. The menstrual blood is bright red, has lumps, feels like it has a fever, and has a large amount. It feels like the uterus is swollen, and severe pain. Feeling calm when you lie down.


Hypersensitive, and unable to tolerate pain. Irritable, angry, and easily emotional. Bright red menstrual blood comes out all at once, and lumps can be seen. It gets worse when you lie down. Cold drinks and ice can soothe the pain and mood.


Irritability, jealousy, depression, headaches, hot flashes, etc. caused by PMS (premenstrual syndrome) subside when menstruation begins. The pain was severe on the first day, especially on the left side, around the ovary. The pain in the uterus and ovaries subsides as menstrual blood begins to flow. The pain increases when the menstrual flow is low.


Menstruation is irregular and the pattern of menstrual blood flow changes. Severe pain, worse when lying down. The menstrual blood is dark red and thick. Menstrual bleeding is more likely to occur during the day or while walking. She is tearful, has changeable moods, and likes to be cared for.


The periods are irregular, come early, and are heavy. It also late and smells bad. Along with menstrual pain, there is a strong smell of menstrual blood. You feel heavy dragging pains as if the uterus is falling in, and can't calm down unless you cross your legs. There is a stabbing pain from the genital area to the uterus, from bottom to top. Sexual desire decreases. You may also feel angry, tired, cold, and irritated.

Viburnum opulus

When you feel severe pain or extremely painful pain around your pelvis. Before your period, you may experience a heavy, cramping pain, which subsides once your period begins. Your period has a strong odor, is late, and you feel a sharp pain that spreads to your thighs.

If you would like to check how to use potency and dose, please check out this blog.

In conclusions...

These remedies provide temporary pain relief.

However, if the issue is not resolved, the underlying factors can vary from person to person. Therefore, the best action is to consult a homeopath for proper guidance.

Especially if you have a history of using low-dose pills or hormones, consultation with a homeopath is highly recommended

If you would like to talk with me at 15-minute free consultation, please make a reservation by clicking the button below.

Love and gratitude


Reference :

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