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Why would you want to use homeopathy?


Anyone can use homeopathy. Compared to mainstream medicines, homeopathy can be used for babies to the elderly, during pregnancy, for pets and animals, plants and agriculture (it is called agrihomeopathy). 

Homeopathy can also be used alongside your medications like high blood pressure medications, during radiotherapy and chemotherapy. It helps to support not only symptoms but also emotional distress, too.


Many people want to try homeopathy for different reasons.

Someone takes medication for a long time and supports it with homeopathy, or people are looking for a natural way of solution.

Many people learn how to use homeopathy for self-care at home.

It is very useful if you understand how to use homeopathic remedies for acute conditions like coughs and colds and minor injuries.

What happens during homeopathic consultation?

During a homeopathic consultation, a homeopath asks you various questions, not only about the main complaints, but also about your medical history, family history, emotional health, your lifestyle and diet, and relationship with your family and friends.


These questions are helpful to understand you as a whole person and each answer may suit a particular remedy for especially your condition.


At the First Consultation, I will prescribe some opening remedies and we will get back after 6-8 weeks.


We will look at what changes or what does not change, and we will then decide which way we want to go to get deeper into the healing.


You will work with me for 4-5 months or we might decide to go deeper. We will be finding her to address the original cause of the symptoms.


What happens after consultation?


A homeopath analyses your case and decides on the prescription. A homeopath describes the details of the duration, which remedy and for how long.

Along with your homeopath’s advice, you book a follow-up consultation. Because your homeopath will check the remedy should continue or stop. Homeopathy is like peeling the onion skin. Once the remedy is successful in peeling a layer, you need a new remedy to peel a new layer.


Until you meet your homeopath for the next session, your job is to keep up a good lifestyle and observe your symptoms.

If you notice emotional changes while taking remedies, it is useful for your homeopath to know about it.

In between the consultation, six to eight weeks can be a long time. I will ask you for an email update which I will add to your note. If you need to, I will say to stop the remedy or take the remedy.

If you need to change the remedy, I will bring the consultation forward rather than the email.


You then report your homeopath to what happens in the next consultation.

If you would like to know more about whether a remedy is working or not, please read this blog.

If you would like to know more about homeopathy, please visit "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

If you would like to  work with me, please click the button below.


Hiroko Yokosawa

Homeopath BSc(Hons) LCHE, RSHom

BSc Pharmacy 

BFVEA accredited Practitioner

JRUKA accredited Practitioner

Hi, my name is Hiroko Yokosawa. I qualified as a professional homeopath and a fully registered and insured member of The Society of Homeopaths.


I was born and grew up in Japan and qualified as a pharmacist in 1995. At work, I was often asked the same question. ‘How long must I take medications to get better?’ Over time, this led me to investigate alternative practices and solutions for health, healing and well-being.  


Someone then told me about Homeopathy. “Homeopathy attends to the original cause of disease and promotes and enables healing”.

That’s fascinating! I quit my job, packed everything up and moved to London in 2007. 


This is the beginning of my homeopathic journey.


When I moved to London, I also started to see a homeopath, because the acne on my face had been bothering me since my teenage. Dr and people recommended many options for acne, but the spots had never healed. After some sessions with a homeopath, the acne on my face all disappeared.

After my personal experience with the gentle but powerful healing effects of homeopathic remedies, I commerced my homeopathic training in 2010 at the Centre for Homeopathic Education.

I currently work as a Homeopath in the renowned Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in busy Covent Garden. I am also a team member of Homeopathy 24/7.

Homeopathy opened my mind completely and I still do. I keep attending various seminars and reading books about new ways of homeopathic approaches and their relationship with the physical, emotional, mind, and spiritual body, which, in turn, benefits my clients.

Since being a young child in Japan, I have been drawn to the creative artistry involved in making jewellery using crystals. I have an online store where I sell my creations. I love the gentle and natural energy of working with crystals and so it was a natural progression to work with the wonderful energy of the Findhorn Flower Essences and the Jikiden Reiki. Learning about the human energy body is my big interest.

I met my wonderful South African husband in London and we married in 2012. My husband is interested in natural therapy and health, too. He is very intuitive and some of his customers call him “a spiritual plumber”. He is the biggest supporter of what I do. I have two step-children who are also very spiritual.

I adore to hear Mythical histories. My husband and I love visiting crop circles, stone circles, and megaliths in the UK. Sometimes, we join the metal-detecting group and visit farms to search for historical nostalgia. 

I love travelling and exploring different countries.

When I am not working as a busy homeopath, I enjoy making jewellery, doing metal-detecting and travelling to mythical and magical places.

I offer both clinic-based and online consultations in English and Japanese to support all ages with health and well-being in a holistic, natural and compassionate way. 

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