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How do we know a remedy is working?

When you start taking the remedy, you may experience various changes or symptoms. I will explain what kind of meanings are through the signs.

If you are thinking about having your first consultation or someone who is taking remedies from a homeopath's prescription now, it is useful to know the meaning of them.

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"How do we know the remedy is working?"

I have been asked this question by many clients of mine.

American homeopath, Angelica Lemke, has published a book "Healing Complex Children with Homeopathy" and she has described it very well in her book.

I believe this healing process describes well not only homeopathy but also other natural therapies.

If you are thinking about having your first homeopathic consultation, or you are already in the middle of a homeopathic journey with your homeopath, you have some idea of what is going on in your therapy.

I explain by adding extra descriptions below.

1. Slow and gentle reduction of symptoms

People tend to focus on "unresolved conditions" rather than "resolved conditions". When having a consultation and a client complains "Nothing changes", the symptoms are getting better, and they do not notice about it.

When you say you cannot see any changes in the main symptoms, but you may experience other minor complaints get better first.

2. A detox reaction such as skin problems or bad smell in stools

If you are new to homeopathy and just started taking homeopathic remedies, you may think of "side effects" when eczema or skin eruption appears, and you may be scared and give up. Or your eczema gets worse when you begin taking the prescription.

These are however the body expresses and tries to get rid of unwanted toxins through the skin. When your stool smells bad, it is the same thing. The body tries to clean through the digestive system. These signs have positive effects and you can take care of what to eat and your lifestyle to help this elimination process.

If you would like to know about detox, please read the blog 'The Golden Rules of Detox".

3. May cause high fever as an immune system reaction

If you suppress the symptoms using antipyretics or antibiotics, your immune system cannot fight off viruses because the system is not used to them.

When you take remedies and the body temperature is gone up, the body tries to fight with its power. When you are in this stage, let the body sort it out because is learning how to fight off the viruses. This process helps your immune system become stronger.

But if you have had a high fever for a long time, please seek a homeopath and check with your GP for just in case.

4. Increase sleep or sleepiness

This reaction also the body is trying to get your energy back. Your sleep helps to charge yourself and to recover during the rest.

5. Dreams that are vivid, significant and old memories

It is said that your dreams are well-connected to your subconscious mind. During the healing process, your body tries to tell you something through the dreams.

When you wake up in the morning, you can write down before you forget it. It is a great habit to write down it regularly, because your dream may send you important messages to you.

6. You remember some events from your childhood

Your old emotional wounds or unresolved emotions may suddenly appear from your childhood. If you experience this, please face and accept your feelings, this process helps you to resolve old traumas and memories.

7. You may feel energised

This is an obvious one, you feel your energy back or your feeling is better straightaway after taking remedies.

8. Being emotional (sad, angry or happy)

If you suppress your emotions for a long time, the remedy helps to express yourself better or you feel gratitude and happier. If you feel your emotions are stronger, do not suppress your true emotions and please express yourself.

If you are shy, please write down your emotions in your journal or write down the feeling and burn it afterwards. Please let out everything!

9. Your old issues or memories come back or your old wounds start to heal

When you take remedies more and more, you may remember old memories. If they are your unwanted memories, you may feel uncomfortable.

But this is also the process of healing. Please accept and solve the problem one by one. When you repeat each process, the step helps you a way to move forward (this process heals unresolved feelings).

10. Better eye contact and communicate better, join the conversations, and gain confidence (especially for children)

When the children have delayed development, their expressions and behaviour change. It is important to observe them, and better to write down them and keep the record.

11. Over some time, the symptoms and expressions gradually change like peeling off the layer of onion skins

When the problems are solved gradually, new problems are solved first and then back to solve the old problems one by one. The healing process is to release trapped emotions and go back to "the original version of you" when you were born.

In conclusion...

If you have already experienced homeopathic treatments, Have you come across these experiences?

If you are the first time for using homeopathy, you may be nervous about what is going to happen.

But these processes above are important steps to experience.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate your healing abilities, and you don't want to interfere with these important processes.

If you would like to chat with me more, please click the button below for a 15-minute free discovery chat.

If you would like to read more about homeopathy, you can read the blogs.

Thank you for reading.

Happy using homeopathy!

Reference ;

Lemke, A.(2021) Healing Complex Children with Homeopathy : ASD, PANDAS, LYME, ADHD, AND MORE. United States of America. Workplay Publishing

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