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What happens when you have a consultation?

Updated: May 7

If you haven't had a homeopathic consultation before, you might be unsure about what to expect or feel nervous about the process. Allow me to explain in more detail what to expect during the consultation. I hope this will help you work together with your homeopath to achieve the best possible outcome.

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If you are considering seeing a homeopath but are unsure about what to expect during your first consultation, Here I can provide a detailed explanation of the process, including what happens during and after the consultation.

Additionally, I can also provide insight into the types of questions that you may be asked during the consultation.

#1 - Work with Homeopath

When you visit a doctor, you will discuss your health problem and be prescribed medications accordingly. you will be also provided with a diagnosis for your condition.

Similarly, when you consult with a homeopath, you will be listened to your concerns and be suggested homeopathic remedies based on your experienced symptoms.

However, unlike mainstream medicine, homeopathy does not rely on diagnostic names. Instead, your homeopath chooses the remedy based on your symptoms.

Your homeopath will respect your decision and support you with homeopathy regardless of what you choose. Your health is your responsibility, and you will work with a homeopath as a team to achieve your health goals.

#2 - What do you need to expect to be asked during the consultation?

In a homeopathic consultation, your homeopath will ask you a variety of questions. You will be not only inquired about your main complaints, but also about your medical history, family history, emotional health, lifestyle, diet, and relationship with family and friends.

For example,

  • How was the condition when you were born

  • How were you when you were in the womb

  • How were your ancestors suffering from

  • Does your family have some cancer sufferers?

  • Do you have an allergy in your family?

  • Relationships in your family

  • Diet

  • Lifestyle

  • Stress level

  • Mental emotional health

  • Your medical history

  • Your medications or supplements

  • Do you have any traumas in your life?

These questions are aimed at understanding you as a whole person, and each answer can help determine the appropriate remedy for your specific condition.

#3 - What is the purpose of having a consultation?

The purpose of having a consultation is to understand you as a whole person. As suggested above, you will be asked about you in so many different ways.

This prescribing process is different from self-prescribing or acute prescribing. Homeopathy has various ways to prescribe remedies. Homeopaths are trained about it.

Moreover, it is difficult to observe yourself in a deeper state. You may not notice about particular thing about yourself.

That's why a homeopath sees a homeopath, too.

It is helpful to know your physical and emotional health in detail and your homeopath will choose which way of prescribing is the best for you.

If you would like to know what the is the difference between acute and chronic health, please read this blog.

#4 - What happens after consultation?

After the First Consultation, your homeopath will prescribe an opening prescription. After some weeks (this period varies depending on your condition), the prescription will be evaluated for what changes have and what have not.

Based on the results, we will decide which direction we want to take to achieve deeper healing. You will work with your homeopath for 4-5 months, or longer if needed, to address the root of the cause of your symptoms and find a solution.

Homeopathy is like peeling the onion skin. Once the remedy is successful in peeling a layer, you need a new remedy to peel a new layer.

Before your next session with your homeopath, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep track of any symptoms you experience. If you notice any emotional changes after taking your remedies, it would be useful to inform your homeopath about it.

I recommend my clients to keep a journal. When you see strange dreams or you realise some emotional patterns you have had, please write them down and let your homeopath know in the next consultation.

I write a blog about "keeping a journal". Please visit this blog for more details.

In between the consultation, six to eight weeks (This is my practice's average) can be a long time. I will ask you for an email update to add to your note. If you need to, I will say to stop the remedy or repeat the remedy.

If you need to change the remedy, I will bring the consultation forward rather than the email.

You then report your homeopath to what happens in the next consultation.

If you would like to know more about whether a remedy is working or not, please read this blog.

#5 - Will you tell me the reason why each remedy are prescribed?

Every homeopath will be a different answer about it. I will write for my practice here.

I would say no.

Because I believe taking remedies with open mind works better and you can focus on what you experience (Pets or babies responds remedies better, because they are open-minded).

If you set expectations, the remedy will not work beyond the expectations or does not work well as the energy might be twisted.

Moreover, we already agree what is the purpose of the consultation and I always ask you what is a priority to help you with homeopathy at the end of each session.

Many homoepaths still do not tell clients even which remedy you are taking.

My homeopath does not tell me what I am taking, too. But I know the reason because I once know what it is, I would unknowingly set expectations from the remedy and I might block to see the pure remedy's reaction.

I have sometimes had a follow-up consultation with a full of what the person learnt about a remedy from Materia Medica not what the person experienced. I loved the person's enthusiasm, but I would like to know what the client experienced after taking remedies with her own terms.

So, there is a reason for it. If you would like to know about the prescribed remedies, I will answer the end of the next consultation.


I hope it is clear for you that what will happens during and after the consultation. It can be nerve-racking to have your first consultation, especially if you have never tried homeopathy before and don't know a homeopath. It is completely normal to fell this way.

I believe homeoapthic sessions require teamwork between the homeopath and the client, with communication being key in building trust.

If you would like to talk with me, please book a 15-minutes free consultation or book a session from the button below.

Love and gratitude




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