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What is potency and dose in homeopathy?

Updated: Apr 9

Potency. This is a unique thing in homeopathy. Higher is better? It is not working that way. Here will be explained what you need to know about potency.

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When I work at the homeopathic pharmacy and ask customers "Which potency do you want to buy?", people answer "Please make the strongest potency". But homeopathy does not work like that. Because the potency is not strong or weak. Each potency has its job to do.

I am explaining here about the "potency".

Tip #1 - Dilutions and succussions

Potency is based on the dilutions and succussions.

X (D or DH in some areas): this is one in ten dilution.

C (CH in some areas): this is one in a hundred dilution

LM potency: This is one in 50,000 dilutions.

When making remedies, the remedy is succussed in each process of dilution. This process makes unique frequencies of the remedy.

When you see H or K after the C, for example, 30CH or 1MK. This "H" stands for the Harnemannian Method using a new container for each dilution. it is described in the picture below.

The "K" stands for the Korsakovian method of using a single container for a series of dilutions. This method is used in the machine for making higher potencies.

You don't need to worry about these when you purchase remedies. This only shows how to dispense the remedies.

Tip #2 - Are your symptoms physical or emotional?

In general, lower potencies are used for physical symptoms and higher potencies are used for mental/ emotional symptoms.

This means the same remedy with different potency works in individual ways.

When you choose a potency, you should think about the symptoms used for physical or emotional conditions.

Most remedy kits from homeopathic pharmacies use 30c and 200c. The 30c is the most commonly used for general home care sets and the 200c is the more intense conditions like Accident and Emergency, and Childbirth kits.

It is said that the 30c is covered with both physical and emotional symptoms and it is easily used in both conditions.

The most commonly used potencies are as follows,

3X, 6X, 9X, 12X, 3C, 6C (European people use 5C, 7C, 9C), 12C, 18C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M, 50M, CM, MM

Some particular remedies use specific potencies which are not listed above.

In between potencies will be charged extra. Please ask the pharmacies about it.

Tip #3 - Intensity

Another key is the intensity. When you have an acute condition such as a cold, injury, or something that happens suddenly, you can choose higher potency.

For example, when you have an accident or injury, there is a big shock and impact on your body. When you have such an intensity in the symptoms, higher potency works well.

Tip #4 - How is your energy level?

When you choose the potency, you should consider your energy level, too.

In general, the baby is bouncing energy and they can respond to higher potency well. Because they have the energy to accept and process the high frequency.

On the other hand, elderly people may not respond with higher potencies, because they are often tired and lower energy.

For example, when elderly people are in bereavement and they are very lethargic from shock, lower potency works well. Because they don't have enough energy to respond to the remedies. I know it is an emotional condition but think about the person's energy, too.

Tip #5 - dosage and duration

When you decide which potency to take, you need to know "How often" and "How long?" to take remedies.

Homeopathy is a vibrational medicine. The amount is not important. If you take a whole bottle or 1 tablet, the effect is the same. The frequency (How often) is the key. Normally, lower potency is used more often and higher potency is given less often because the higher potency can hold the energy longer if you have enough vital force to deal with the chosen potency.

When you prescribe it for self-care or acute conditions, the key is the intensity of the symptoms. For example, if you suffer from high temperature, cold or hay fever, the symptoms are intense. You can take it frequently like every 2 hours or 6 hours etc.. But this is just for up to a day until the symptoms calm down.

Once the symptoms are relieved, you can stop taking the remedies and observe the symptoms. You don't need to take anymore, because the remedy is still working and having a minimum dose is very important when using homeopathy.

I am explaining about it below.

Tip #6 - Just one caution with the Proving

When you think of "wrong" potency and it does not seem to work, please stop taking the remedy. Because the Proving may happen.

Proving is symptoms like a remedy picture. If you keep taking it, the symptoms of the remedy appear. If you are self-prescribing, then you feel better, please stop and observe.

(except your homeopath's prescription. Please stick to the directions from your homeopath's prescription).

This is called the "Law of minimum dose". Please do not forget this rule.

Are you ready?

I hope this description helps you to choose the potency. Please consider the above tips, and you then decide the potency to use.

If you use homeopathy at home or with family, you can try different potencies and discover which potency works better.

I believe learning from the experience is a great way to understand the potency. Homeopathy is not harmful. If you choose the wrong potency, it does not work. That's it.

But please remember that you can not continue a wrong potency for a long time. Because Proving may happen.

Happy using homeopathy!

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