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How to collect symptoms when choosing homeopathic remedies?

When you choose a homeopathic remedy at home, it is important to know how to observe symptoms. It requires the skills to see symptoms from various angles. I explain here about where to check the conditions.

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When choosing a remedy, we first start by carefully observing the patient's condition. Even if you say it hurts, the symptoms can vary! Is it a tingling pain, a throbbing pain, or a sharp pain? Where does it hurt? By observing these in detail, you can select remedies that have similar characteristics.

When you observe symptoms, we use "CLAMS" as a tool. Each letter stands for

C : Concomitant

L : Location 

A : Aetiology 

M : Modarity 

S : Sensation 

I will explain the details of each word as follows. 

#1 - C : Concomitant

Concomitant are conditions alongside the main symptoms. For instance, When you have a headache, you may have vision disturbance, vomiting, nausea or other symptoms alongside the headache. These symptoms include concomitant.

#2 - L : Location

Location is where the symptom is located. It could be the right side or the left side. If it is a headache, the pain would be in the forehead, temples, occiput, or top of the head. People experience headaches differently.

#3 - A : Aetiology 

Aetiology is the event when the main complaint is triggered. For example, your headaches started when you changed a job or headaches began after having a cold. Changed a job or after having a cold is the aetiology.

#4 - M : Modarity 

Modality is when the condition or environment changes the symptoms. Your headache feels better when you get fresh air, stay still or close your eyes. Getting fresh air, staying still or closing your eyes is the modality of your headache.

#5 - S : Sensation 

Your headache may have some sensations, your headache may be heavy or dull, sharp stabbing sensation, or pulsating sensation.

If you have eczema, you may feel itching, burning, or stinging sensation.

How you feel the sensation of the pain or symptoms will help to choose the right remedy.

In conclusion...

Homeopathy is not prescribed by a diagnostic condition. It is very important how to observe the symptoms to choose the right remedy.

It may be difficult to do at the beginning, but you will get used to doing it over time.

The practice makes you perfect.

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Happy using homeopathy.

Love and gratitude




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