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How to handle and store homeopathic remedies?

Updated: 4 days ago

When you take homeopathic remedies, you may want to get maximum effects from them. I will write some tips about handling and storage for homeopathic remedies.

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When you have a consultation with your homeopath, she/he then prescribes your remedies. But if you are the first time taking remedies, you will be surprised by different rules compared with conventional medications.

I will write some basic rules here, so please read before taking remedies.

#1 - Keep remedies away from :

Homeopathic remedies are vibrational medicines. This energy medicine is sometimes disturbed by certain frequencies.

Electronic equipment: telephone base stations, mobile phones, TVs, computers, microwaves.

Or remedies are kept in a foil wrap or EMF protection case.

X-ray machines at airports are ideally avoided. However, inflight solar radiation is even more powerful, and the consensus view is that remedies survive these exposures as long as they are not too frequent. Alternatively, you can purchase a lead-lining pouch.

#2 - Don’t exposure remedies to :

Strong sunlight: extremes of heat and cold: damp or strong smells like garlic or un-stoppered Essential Oils : (kitchens or bathrooms are not good places). Ideally, keep them somewhere reasonably dry with a fairly constant temperature between 18-25℃

#3 - Taking the remedy

There are some rules when taking homeopathic remedies.

  1. Take the remedy away from food and drink or from having had something strong-smelling in the mouth such as toothpaste or tobacco. Allow about 20 minutes on either side of eating, drinking, or smoking etc. If you take more than 2 remedies at the same time, please take remedies at least 20 minutes apart from each other.

  2. Put the doses directly under the tongue where absorption takes place. Do not wash it down with water, unless directed to do so by a homeopath. Allow it to remain in the mouth for up to 10 seconds, after which it may be swallowed, or crushed down.

  3. Pour or shake the solid dose required into the cap of the remedy bottle, and directly into the mouth.

  4. Sometimes a remedy is taken in water using a spoon – Always clean the spoon and glass (if applicable) with very hot water after use.

  5. Do not risk cross-contamination by opening at a time in case you put remedy A in with B or vice-versa; don’t ever store a remedy in a bottle in which a different medicine or homeopathic remedy has been contained.

  6. It is generally recommended you avoid coffee and peppermint whilst taking the course of homeopathic remedies since these substances are thought possibly to be antidote remedies in some cases.

  7. If too many doses of a remedy are taken for too long, symptoms that were originally cleared up may recur (It is called “Proving”), so please follow your homeopath’s instructions.

#4 - Check with your homeopath

I have written here are very basic rules. Some homeopaths have their preferences and guides for their clients. For example, one dose means 3 pills or certain counts of drops etc. Please double-check with your homeopath before taking remedies.

How to take remedies or handling and storage is different from conventional medicines. But please do not panic. If you get used to it and understand the reasons, you can cope with them easily.

Happy homeopathic journey, everyone!

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