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How to order homeopathic remedies?

Updated: Apr 13

I am writing about how to purchase homeopathic remedies as you should know certain information regarding the order.

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I am working at Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy in London, In Helios Pharmacy most UK homeopathic pharmacies are sending remedies abroad except the African continent, some countries in the Middle East and some EU countries. Please check the pharmacy before placing the order.

On Helios website, you can select different languages, so you can choose your language from the tool bar.

If you order from abroad, I recommend adding International Tracked and Signed if possible, because some countries stop the parcel at customs. If you choose the tracked option, you can chase our order and it gives you peace your mind.

If you order with International Tracked and Signed, the order will arrive between 7 and 21 days (depending on the country).

The remedies are very expensive in some countries (for example in Japan), but I think Helios still set an affordable price.

When you order homeopathic remedies, you need these four things.

  1. Remedy name

  2. Form

  3. Size

  4. Potency

#1 - Remedy Name

On the website, you click "Remedy Finder" in the Remedy menu and select a remedy you want to order.

#2 - Form

There are different remedy forms. Some people ask me "Which is the most effective?". But all forms have the same effect. You choose what you prefer.

Pillues are the most common, cost-effective and popular, but some homeopaths prescribe Liquid remedies more often.

Please stick to your homeopath/s advice.

  • Tablets: consist of sucrose 50% and lactose 50%

  • Soft Tablets: consist of lactose only. They easily dissolve in the mouth, but it is better to avoid them if people have lactose intolerance

  • Pills (No.6): Consists of sucrose 100%. The most common form is used by Remedy Kits and OTC remedies

  • Pills (No.3): Consists of sucrose 100%. 3 mm-sized sugar balls. This form is very popular in Europe

  • Granules:Consist of 100% sucrose. This form is easier for small children. 2 mm-sized sugar balls

  • Oral Liquid(23% alc.): A most common form of liquid remedies. This form is very popular among Indian people. This form is easier to give pets or small animals, too

  • Oral Liquid(10% alc.): Liquid remedies. If you prefer less alcohol content, but the expiry date is shorter than 23% liquid remedies

  • LM liquid (10% alc.): LM potencies are used by homeopaths. Mostly they are prescribed by a homeopath

  • Oral Liquid (Water): This liquid form is for someone who is sensitive to alcohol or cannot take alcohol for some reason. There is no preservative (alcohol), so it has a very short expiry date

If you would like to see a picture of the forms, please click the button below.

#3 -  Size

When you choose the form, you select the size next depending on how long or how many you need to take remedies.

#4 - Potency

Lastly, you select the potency you need.

If you would like to know about potency, please read this blog (click the button below).

When you choose all the above, you can check out and purchase.

#5 - Ordering remedies from online

There are some limitations when you order homeopathic remedies online because some remedies are used by prescription only and are not shown on the website.

If you order remedies from your homeopath's prescription and you cannot find them on the website, please order via email or phone from the pharmacy.

Happy using homeopathy!

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If you would like to read more about homeopathy, you can read the blogs.



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