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The golden rules of detox

Updated: Apr 13

Nowadays, we are exposed to unwanted materials such as heavy metals, additives, chemicals, and so on.

We would like to keep our bodies out of these toxins and stay clean and clear to be healthy.

I am writing here about six basic and golden rules of detox.

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When you feel unwell by losing your hormone balance, allergic reactions, or mood swings, you may be then planning to start doing a detox programme.

Compared to the past, we are exposed to so many toxic materials every day such as heavy metals from exhausts, chemicals from medicines, and food.

In my childhood, when I went to the market and bought vegetables and fruits, the shop wrapped them with newspapers. But now they are wrapped in plastic films and containers.

The cooking pot is also from an iron or clay pot to an aluminium pan or a chemical coating pan for a non-stick effect.

We easily reach ready meals and warm them up with microwave-resistant plastic containers to get on with our fast-paced life.

We adapt to these habits and this lifestyle is the new normal. Unknowingly, we may consume these toxins or touch them which we may be absorbed through the skin.

It would be a great thing if we could access more important information about these subjects and people should be aware of what to eat.

However, we must be careful of certain things before doing detoxification.

The important thing before detox is to

"fully open the exit".

When you eliminate toxins from your body, you need to prepare to fully open the exit, otherwise, the toxins will not get out of your system properly.

Your organs need to be ready for detox through stools, urines, and sweats. What should you know before starting? I am showing here the six golden rules of detox.

1. Supporting a detox organ, liver

The liver has an important mission to detoxify many chemicals in your body. When your liver is tired and sluggish, the detox process does not cope well. During detoxification, it is better to avoid alcohol, additives, and chemicals, and you can arrange the food and supplements that support the liver during the programme.

2. Looking after your stools

When you do detoxification, but you have constipation, the toxins are reabsorbed through your gut lining and unable to be eliminated.

Keep your bowels open every day by using fibre, fermented food, enough hydration and probiotics if you need them.

3. Hydration, hydration, hydration

Taking enough fluid to avoid constipation helps eliminate urines and sweat, too. Caffeine has diuretic properties and loses the water balance in your body. Please avoid caffeine if possible and drink plenty of clean water.

4. Considering elimination through the skin

The skin is the biggest organ in your body. When you sweat, please wipe frequently. It is a good idea to make time to have a bath, which helps to open the pores and helps your metabolism.

It is useful to use Epsom Salt when having a bath because Epsom Salt helps to eliminate through the skin.

Especially if you have muscle pain or skin problems, it is recommended to use regularly. Magnesium in the Epsom Salt helps to relax the muscles.

5. Taking Vitamin C, Zinc and antioxidants

In the process of heavy metals and toxins being pulled out, these bad materials touch the body and it sometimes causes inflammations.

Please take Vitamin C, Zinc and some antioxidants for minimising the inflammations during the detox.

You can be creative to add plenty of food containing Vitamin C to your diet.

Mostly Vitamin C is a water-soluble form (but now available in liposomal form on supplements). When you consume a lot of Vitamin C in one go, the body cannot absorb all and eliminate the excess amount. It is a waste of your time and effort. It is sensible to take little and often. When you buy a Vitamin C supplement, please get a good quality one.

Zinc is a great mineral to support detoxification. Nuts and shellfish contain good amounts of Zinc. If you buy a Zinc supplement, please choose a reliable product.

6. Taking elimination supporters

You can add your detox routine with Activated Charcoal or Spirulina to eliminate better, or you can apply Bentonite Clay on your skin, it helps to absorb toxins through it.

Please consider these basic rules above when you do detox by yourself.

If you are not sure, you can start these rules above first. You then begin actual your detox protocol when your body is ready to eliminate better.

Hiroko Homeopathy supports people who have skin problems and various symptoms caused by chemicals, toxins and heavy metals by using homeopathy.

I recommend these rules to my clients and choose bespoke supplements and remedies for individuals.

If you are suffering from skin problems, or have never been well since using medications, chemicals or heavy metal exposures, please book a 15-minute free discovery chat with me. Click the button below.

If you are interested in the accumulation of heavy metals, I offer a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test. You can see your results from your hair samples.

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Please remember these important rules and happy smooth detox!



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