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Case study -eczema-

I'm sure some people have different opinions about homeopathy, but homeopathy works!

In this blog, we will introduce an example of improvement in atopic dermatitis that the client agreed to publish on the blog.

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For those who have never used homeopathy, those who have just started using homeopathy, or those who have tried homeopathy but did not find it very effective, please click here to learn how homeopathy affects the body.

I would like you to read this blog.

This time, I'd like to share an example of how homeopathy improved eczema.

Pregnant women, eczema worsens during pregnancy. She was due to give birth in three months. Her doctor recommended the use of steroids, and she was concerned about the effects of the drugs on her baby, so she requested homeopathic treatment for her skin condition.

Here are phots of that time.

From the consultation, I check not only the client's skin, but also their overall physical condition, mental and emotional health, stress, and lifestyle. Then I prescribe bespoke remedies.

In the photo after the first prescription, you can see some changes, especially in the neck area.

After reviewing the progress, a new prescription was given a month before the childbirth. Following the delivery, I received a report confirming that both the mother and baby had a safe birth.

The itching had improved, and the skin was becoming clearer.

Progress observation is required until the skin completely returns to its normal state, but we received the following feedback from our clients.

This is what she said,

"At first, I couldn't accept that I had atopic dermatitis. However, once I accepted that atopic dermatitis was a sign from my body, and prepared to face my body and mind, homeopathic remedies helped me heal, and I feel that my symptoms improved."

Symptoms are connected to emotions and stress. Homeopathy can heal the root causes of problems that each person has.

Please refer to this blog for information on "Homeopathy for eczema".

When it comes to chronic skin conditions, it is recommended that you work with a homeopath to take care of your skin, as everyone reacts differently after taking remedies.

In particular, if you have been suffering from eczema or chronic dermatitis for a long time, it is possible to improve your dermatitis without using steroids by using remedies that suit your individual condition.

Especially this case is a pregnant woman. Considering the effects on the baby, it is best to avoid using drugs as much as possible.

If you would like to talk to me first, you can also have a free 15 minute chat. Please make a reservation using this button.

If you have been suffering from atopic dermatitis for many years and are looking for a natural way to improve it, why not work with us to regain beautiful skin using homeopathy?

If you are interested in a full consultation, please book your appointment the button below.

Happy using homeopathy!

Love and gratitude




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