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What is the cause of illness?

It is said that "illness comes from the mind,'' and I am talking about ``illness'' from the perspective of the relationship between physical symptoms and the mind.

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I will write about this subject mentioned in the January 19, 2023 and April 9, 2023 newsletters (Japanese).

Why do people get ill? It is interested in looking into the relationship between physical and emotional symptoms.

#1 -Illness comes from mind

As I introduced in my previous blog, "The Difference Between Acute and Chronic Prescribing", if you are suffering from some conditions for a long time, It is caused by a combination of factors, including genetics, family trends, lifestyle habits, thinking patterns, and trauma.

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In particular, physical symptoms and emotions are very closely related, as the saying goes, "Illness begins with the mind.''

#2 - Humans are smart and gain wisdom.

Barnbara Ann Brennan's book ``Hands of Light'' explains the relationship between physical symptoms and emotions in an easy-to-understand manner, so I'd like to briefly introduce it here.

Here is a summary of what I wrote about the causes of the disease:

"Illness is often a result of an imbalance within us. This imbalance is caused by forgetting who we truly are. When we forget our true selves, we start to engage in thoughts and actions that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle, which ultimately leads to illness.


The illness itself serves as a signal to us that we are imbalanced because we have lost touch with our true selves. It is a direct message that tells us not only how we are in imbalance but also the steps we need to take to return to our authentic selves and regain our health.


When we feel discomfort, it's usually because we've built a wall between our integrated self and a part of ourselves that we don't want to experience in the present moment. This wall creates a sense of separation and can make you forget who you truly are.


The longer we keep these walls up, the more we feel like they're protecting us, but in reality, they're only making the sense of separation stronger.


The wall represents the belief in power over, the power of separation, which is one of the greatest maladies of the earth plane at this time - the disease of power over. If we can identify this metaphor within ourselves and the world, not only on a psychodynamic but also on a spiritual and global level, we can use it as a tool for self-discovery and healing. The wall can remind you of who you truly are."

Human beings are smart and have a lot of wisdom to protect their hearts from getting hurt.

I touched on the relationship between trauma and emotions in my previous blog, "Homeopathy for Anxiety and Worry.''

#3 - Rewind your life and think ...

If we go back in time and think about the cause of the disease,

For example,

When you are pregnant, your mother's parents died while you were in the womb, and you have spent the entire pregnancy grieving. ​

For the child, this is a preparatory period for confirming the connection with the mother, but the child arrives without doing so properly. Children spend this period in an unstable environment and in a mentally unstable state. In some cases, this may have continued even after birth.

Also, if in your previous life you felt like "I'm tired of taking care of children!I don't need a child the next time I'm born!'', in this life you might be worried that you won't be able to have children.

These are called "Ancestral Trauma" and are an approach to clearing karma.

This treatment is suitable for cases where experiences before birth have caused some kind of physical problem.

It is said that the symptoms that are currently occurring are related to various factors that cannot be solved by modern medicine alone, such as anatomy.

#4 - The true meaning of “Be yourself”

Recently, I received the following inquiry.

"I'm under a lot of stress, get tired easily, and don't feel well, so I'd like some homeopathic remedies and flower essence recommendations so I can work.''

However, if I listened closely, I found out that after his parents passed away in quick succession, he believed that his happiness lay in a career, went to graduate school, and was very busy balancing his studies and work. However, when it came to the death of his parents, he was unable to properly process his emotions and suppressed his feelings of sadness.

In this way, if you don't properly face your griefand spend your days busy with work and study, your body will send out a signal telling you to process these feelings properly. .

Pjhysical shymptoms show emotional signs. When your body changes, don't forget to face your honest feelings.

In conclusion ...

If you have been sick for a long time, make time to reflect on how you ignored your true feelings in the past, resolve each issue one by one, and see this as an opportunity to regain your true self. What about it?

Homeopathy and flower essences can help you realise these feelings, and from those feelings, they can help you become yourself.

If you want to throw away the walls you've built inside yourself and return to your honest self, why not start by talking to us for a free 15-minute consultation?

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Love and gratitude


Reference :

Brenann. B.A. (1987). Hands of Light, A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field. New York : Bantam Books.



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