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Homeopathy for glue ear (Otitis Media with effusion)

Glue ears in children may be asymptomatic and difficult to notice. When it becomes chronic, there may be concerns about hearing loss.

I would like to explain useful homeopathic remedies for glue ears.

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This winter, I have experienced enquiries in the pharmacy like below,

"I have caught a cold and it is proving difficult to recover quickly."

"After having a cold, I have been coughing persistently for a few weeks, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better."

"After having a cold, my ears remain blocked and it doesn't seem to go away."

During the past two years, we have been staying at home, which has reduced our immunity due to a lack of exposure to the outside world and other people.

Our immune system is trained through daily exposure to bacteria and viruses.

Medical professionals are less likely to catch a cold, as exposure to various bacteria and viruses every day trains their immune system.

It is similar to how athletes train their bodies and muscles daily to perform at their best during a game, so we need to train our immune system.

It is beneficial to regularly train your immune system unless you have a specific immune-compromising condition.

Glue ear is a condition in which fluid accumulates in the middle ear and does not drain. The fluid gradually thickens with time and can become as sticky as glue.

This condition is known as 'otitis media with effusion' in the medical world, and it can persist from weeks to months.

Glue ear is more common in children. This is because the Eustachian tube is smaller and flatter in young children.

This children's ear structure makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to enter the ear canals and cause problems.

I would like to write about useful tips and homeopathic remedies for glue ears.

Tip #1 - Beware of environment

Some people are susceptible to allergens such as tobacco smoke, dust, and animal fur, which can cause inflammation in the ear. It is recommended to clean your room regularly and use air filters.

Tip #2 - Be cautious about what you eat

Just in case, It is recommended to avoid consuming dairy products, wheat, corn, citrus fruits, and peanut butter.

Tip #3 - Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy can help with headaches and earaches in children*. It helps to remove the constriction around the ear area.

Tip #4 - Homeopathic remedies

Calc Carb

Every time they catch a cold, this person experiences chronic earaches and difficulty hearing.

Worse from cold, changing temperature, blowing the nose, sneezing and swallowing.


Very painful earache. It is susceptible to touched ears and worse from the cold air. However, it feels better when carried, wrapped with warm blankets or in motion.

It is commonly used for infants and toddlers.

Kali Mur

It is helpful to use chronic glue ears.

When you swallow or move your jaws, you can hear noise or pop the air in the ear.

Kali Sulph

When profuse discharge, sinus blocked, inflammation in the bronchi with Otitis media. Chronic otitis media with difficult hearing. The discharge is yellow. mouth breathing and snoring.

Merc Dulcis

For Blocked ears, difficult hearing and advanced otitis media. Otitis media after swimming.


The most common remedy. Otitis media after catching a cold. Burst sensation in the ear and feel something inside the ear. Pulsating sensation in the ear. Worse after blowing the nose or at night or in heat. Better from fresh air and in motion.


For chronic glue ear with difficult hearing and chronic earache. Pain is better from the busting eardrum. The ear feels blocked with noise and pops the air in the ear. Better from yawning and swallowing.

This is the main remedy for chronic hearing difficulties with sticky discharge or discharge with strong odour. Worse from seasonal change, at night, catching cold, cold air, changing position, big noise, blowing the nose uncovering ears.

Better from warmth, covering ears.

How to choose the potencies and dose, please read this blog.

Tip #5 - Plantago Tincture

Plantago is a traditional herb for soothing mucus membranes, anti-inflammatory, and repairing the cells. It helps to expel phlegms and repair the damaged cells which expect to reduce mucus production from the ear.

In the UK, Plantago drops (A. Vogel) can be purchased in the health shop and is available from 2 years old (check the description on the box before you buy).


You can try the remedies and tips above and hope you find these helpful.


If there is no improvement, please seek advice from your GP or visit Accident and Emergency if necessary.

If you try some remedies and doesn't work and the symptoms are getting worse, please see your GP immediately.

frequently catch colds and if you suspect that their immune system is weak, it is advisable to consult with a homeopath. A homeopath can prescribe the most appropriate remedy for your children's will help stimulate their immune system to heal themselves. condition.

If you would like to chat with me, please click the button below for a 15-minute free discovery chat.

If you would like to read more about homeopathy, you can read the blogs.

Tnank you for reading.

Happy using homeopathy!

Love and gratitude


References :

College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy. ‘Cranio-sacral therapy and the treatment of common childhood conditions’ (22 June 2017)

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