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Homeopathy for surgery

After undergoing a minor or major surgery, such as a tooth extraction, endoscopic surgery, or open surgery, the body undergoes significant impact. We can provide support with homeopathic remedies to aid in a quicker recovery. In this blog, I will introduce remedies that can be used during these times.

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Many people come to pharmacies to buy remedies to speed up their recovery after surgery. Regardless of the size of the surgery, from tooth extraction to endoscopic surgery to open surgery, it is useful to know the remedies that can be used.

Even at pharmacies, I sometimes hear stories like, ``The doctor was surprised at how quickly I recovered.''

In this blog, we will introduce remedies that can be used after surgery.

#1 - Before surgery

Before surgery, you may feel anxious, restless, or unable to sleep due to anxiety. Below are some remedies that can be used at such times.


This is a great shock remedy. When you feel like you're about to panic due to anxiety, or when you're surprised by a little thing.

Arg nit

When you feel anxious and worried, and you feel restless. When your stomach feels loose or your gas increases due to anxiety.

Arsenicum Album

When you are restless and anxious, and become picky or nervous about trivial things.

Coffea Cruda

When you can't sleep because your mind is too active due to anxiety

Kali Phos

Especially when you're overthinking and feeling tired even before the surgery.

You can also use these flower essences for anxiety.

Crowea (Bush Flower Essences)

This essence is suitable for individuals experiencing severe anxiety, as well as those with stomach issues resulting from worry or stress.

Emergency Essence (Bush Flower Essence)

This combination essence is for shock, anxiety, or worry. It can be useful before an exam, a work presentation, or a sudden shock caused by an accident or injury.

Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Essence (Bach Flower Essence)

Bach Flower version of the above Emergency Flower Essence. This is also made from a combination of Bach Flowers and is used in the same way, when you have severe anxiety or worry. It can be used before an exam, before a work presentation, or for a sudden shock.

There is another blog about "Homeopathy for anxiety and worry" if you are interested.

#2 - After Surgery


This is a great remedy for injury and bruising. When the shock caused by an injury is severe. However, you shuould avoid this remedy if you are taking anti-coagulant medication.

Acetic Acid

When you are sensitive to post-anesthesia reactions.

Bellis Perennis

Damage to organs, especially after surgery or when nerves are damaged due to severe injuries to the spine or joints. Especially soft organs, soft tissues, breasts, gums, etc.

For muscle pain after strenuous exercise or physical labor. This is also a useful remedy for after surgery.


It has a healing effect that speeds up the healing of wounds. Soothing the skin.


This remedy is particularly effective in surgeries to remove body parts (can also be used for childbirth and tooth extraction). A remedy that helps you accept the consciousness and "let go." Use before and after surgery.


When the lips, fingertips, toes, or other areas with dense nerves are injured due to cuts, scrapes, or puncture wounds. Also when you hit your coccyx or lower back hard.

For sharp, throbbing nervic pain.


A common remedy for stings. It can also be used to heal wounds after punctures such as injections. When the area around the wound has a blackish or bluish color and the symptoms improve with cooling.


When recovery after anesthesia is delayed. When you feel distracted or slow.


For people who are sensitive to drugs such as anesthesia.

Rhus Tox.

If the pain worsens when you start moving, but then subsides once you start moving.

If your symptoms worsen by staying still. Soothe by rubbing, massaging, warming, and stretching. Effective for muscle and ligament symptoms.

Ruta Grav.

Ruta has a synergistic effect when taken with Rhus Tox. Effective for damage to bones, periosteum, and tendons.


When you feel insulted, hurt, or violated by the defenseless state of surgery.


When you are concerned about the side effects of the medicine after the surgery.


After the bone has been repositioned after a fracture. It helps the bones stick together faster. Also known as Knitbone or Comfrey. Please make sure that your fractured bones set in the right place before use (because this remedy stick together so fast in the wrong place if you use before settiing the bones in the right place).

Speeds up wound healing.


Prevents scarring and helps heal wounds.


Here we have introduced some remedies above that are often used for surgery.

After surgery, you want to minimize pain and discomfort and recover quickly. Please take advantage of these remedies.

If you are unsure about which remedy to use, we recommend consulting a homeopath.

If you want to know how to choose potency and dose in homeopathy, please click here.

If you would like to chat with me first, please click here to book a free consultation.

If If you are unsure about which remedy to use, or you would like to talk to me for personal prescription for your surgery, please click here to book an acute consultation, too.

Happy using homeopathy!

Love and gratitude



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