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Homeopathy for Bites and Stings

As the weather gets warms up, insects and other creatures become more active. Especially when you go out to nature such as forests or mountains, you may be bitten by animals or insects.

Here, I will introduce some useful remedies.

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Temperatures are gradually rising in the UK, and more people are heading out to the beach and into nature. Many people are probably preparing to travel for the summer vacation.

During this time, not only do we become more active, but so do animals and insects. This often results in bites from various insects, including bees and mosquitoes. Insect bites can cause swelling, itching, and discomfort. Homeopathic remedies can offer relief in such cases.

This time I would like to introduce remedies used for insect bites.

#1 - Remedies for Bites and Stings

Here are some commonly used remedies for insect bites. Please use the appropriate one depending on the symptoms and situation.

However, if you experience sudden changes in your body, such as anaphylactic shock, or if you are bitten by ticks that may carry the Lyme disease pathogen, seek medical attention immediately.


Effective remedies for bee stings are also effective for allergic reactions. The affected area is red, warm, and swollen, and the centre is hard. When it hurts gradually the pain and itching occur at the same time. When you feel restless, irritable, and sleepy and a person wants to be alone or wants to be left alone.

This remedy can also be used when the heat rash is extremely swollen, red, itchy, and hot. It can also be used when stung by jellyfish


A helpful remedy for insect bites and stings. The affected area may be red and hot, or it may have been a while since the bite. The symptoms subside by cooling the affected area


When there is a sharp, throbbing pain of a nervous origin. When other remedies don't work


When the itching after being stung is severe or if you have an allergic reaction.

Urtica Urens

Remedy made from Stinging Nettle. When the redness and itching increase. Even when itching is severe due to heat rash


When the stung area feels red and burning, and a blister begins to form.


The affected area is red, hot and swollen.


When there seems to be a foreign object left after being stuck in a tree, etc.

It is called a homeopathic surgeon and has the function of pushing out foreign substances.

Acetic Acid

A remedy made from vinegar. When bruises, sprains, stings or bites feel burning and you have a fever.

Carbonic Acid

This remedy is made from carbonic acid and is used for skin conditions that are burning, itchy, and contains blisters, pus, or blood. It is particularly helpful when other remedies have not been effective, and for allergic reactions following bee stings. Especially when experiencing low physical strength after being stung.


Consider using a remedy made from jellyfish if you get stung by one. It can help with the numbing and burning sensations. It can be beneficial for heat rash, especially when the burning sensation is more intense than the itching. Additionally, it can be used for nettle stings.

Vespa Crabro

A remedy made from a type of wasp. When the stung area becomes red, itchy, has a burning sensation, and has pus. When you have a prickling pain the symptoms are relieved by using vinegar.


A remedy made from the venom of the Bushmaster Snake is used when the bite or sting mark appears purple and the blood colour is also purple.


A remedy made from the saliva of a rabid dog. If the bite area is itchy, the symptoms worsen after scratching. When the bite is purple or ulcer-like.

Pulex Irritants

A remedy made from fleas. When you feel prickly, itchy, and have red spots all over your body. When you feel restless and irritated.

Please refer to this blog for information on how to choose a remedy.

#2 - useful items to know

Hypercal Tincture

Herbal tincture mixed with Hypericum and Calendula. Useful for injuries and pain. Hypericum helps with pain and Calendula helps with wound healing. Apply it to the affected area or wrap it in gauze containing the tincture. This is a tincture that is convenient to carry around in case something happens.

Sting Tincture

At Helios pharmacy, they prepare mixed tinctures for insect bites. A mixture of herbal tinctures: Hypericum, China Off, Ledum, Echinacea, Calendula, Pyrethrum, Urtica Urens. Use gauze containing tincture wrapped around the stung area.

Lavender Essential Oil

In case of burns or injuries, you can use it as is without diluting it in case of emergency. It's useful to have it on hand in case something happens.

Of course, it is famous for its scent that soothes your mind and helps you sleep when you can't sleep.

Emergency Essence (Bush Flower Essence)

This combination essence is well-known for shock, anxiety, worry  or a sudden shock caused by an accident or injury. It is also useful for insect bite. You can spray or apply the essence on affected area.

Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Essence (Bach Flower Essence)

Bach Flower version of the above Emergency Flower Essence. This is also made from a combination of Bach Flowers and is used in the same way. It is also useful for insect bite. You can spray or apply the essence on affected area.

When going to places where mosquitoes and other insects are likely to be present, wear long sleeves and long pants to cover your skin, even if it's hot.

It's also a good idea to bring a mosquito net to avoid getting bitten while sleeping. There are products that cover the entire bed, as well as products that only cover the face.

Insect sprays and essential oils made from natural ingredients are also available at health shops and pharmacies.

Additionally, some research has shown that taking vitamin B1 makes the odor emitted by your body less attractive to pregnant mosquitoes. It is recommended to start taking 25-50mg three times a day two weeks before traveling.

#3 Conclusions...

If your symptoms do not improve even after trying the above remedies, you develop a fever, swelling does not go down, or your symptoms worsen, please see a doctor as soon as possible.

When you are stung by a bee, the stinger may remain in your skin. Whatever method you use, try to remove the needle as soon as possible. If it is difficult to remove, have it removed at a medical facility.

If you want to know how to choose potency and dose in homeopathy, please click here.

We also accept consultations for acute symptoms. 20-minute consultation with 48-hour follow-up support. To make a reservation, click the button below.

Have a wonderful summer!

Love and gratitude



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