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Homeopathy for Gallbladder Pain

〜Bitter feelings and undigested emotion〜

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Many people experience recurrent gallbladder pain, often resorting to painkillers. Some who are advised by their doctor to undergo gallbladder removal surgery may feel uncertain about their next steps.

Gallbladder pain is a common symptom often inquired about at homeopathic pharmacies, whether in-store or over the phone.

In this blog, I will discuss commonly used homeopathic remedies for gallbladder pain.

Before I continue, let me explain the connection between the gallbladder and emotions.

#1 Function of the gallbladder

The gallbladder is a muscular, sac-shaped organ located below the liver and connected to it by a tube.

Bile, a bitter, green liquid that helps break down fat and aid in digestion, is produced in the liver and stored in the gallbladder. Bile acids in bile help emulsify fats, making them easier to digest.

When there isn't enough bile, digestion takes longer, causing queasiness and nausea.

#2 Causes of gallbladder pain

Cholecystitis is a condition in which the gallbladder becomes inflamed. Acute cholecystitis occurs when sudden pain arises and subsides within a short period, while chronic cholecystitis involves recurrent pain attacks.

The most common causes of cholecystitis are gallstones and acalculous cholecystitis.

Gallstones form when bile solidifies, creating small, hard lumps. This mass causes a very sharp pain as it is expelled from the body.

  • Cholesterol stone

  • Bilirubin stone

  • Other stones (such as calcium)

Acalculous cholecystitis is an inflammation that occurs when bile becomes muddy and the flow of bile is obstructed.

#3 Bitter feelings and undigested emotions

Insufficient bile can lead to slower digestion, and it is linked to difficulty in processing emotions, comprehending and assimilating new information, and feeling restricted in dealing with the situation. Bile, being bitter in taste, is connected to feelings of bitterness and internal anger.

Gallstones form when bile solidifies, and they are related to be related to unresolved and unexpressed emotions.

These stones develop gradually, representing the build-up of suppressed resentment and anger over time.

Gallstones can help you to soothe bitter and painful thoughts, allowing you to express displeasure when needed, and to offer yourself forgiveness by saying "It's okay to do this." It appears to be a bodily signal prompting introspection.

When you feel pain, it can be a signal from your body that you need to address past trauma.

Have you ever found it difficult to let go of stress or trauma from a negative past experience that you keep reliving in your mind?

Are there things that you keep buried inside without expressing them?

I suggest keeping a journal as one way to process and express your emotions and anger.

I have written tips on how to write a journal on my blog, so please click the button below for more information.

#4 Remedies for gallbladder pain

When using it for self-care, carefully observe the symptoms and choose a remedy. There is a trick to observing symptoms when using remedies at home called CLAMS. For more information, please visit this blog.

When you observe the gallbladder pain, checking the positions is one of the key. "What position makes the pain worse?'' or "What position makes the pain feel better?''

Depending the positions, you see different remedies.

Please refer to the most commonly used remedies listed below.


When you experience sudden severe pain and fever. The right-sided remedy. The pain in the gallbladder spreads to the shoulders and neck. It gets worse when you lie on it. Jaundice may also be present with gallstones.

Berberis Vulgaris

There is a sharp pain, the pain is made worse by pressure, and the pain feels like it's spreading to the stomach area. Gallstone attack with stabbing pain. You must bend over.

Carduus Mar.

Gallbladder symptoms are sometimes accompanied by liver enlargement. The pain worsens when you lie down on your left side. Tension in the liver when you lie down on the right side. The pain gets worse when pressure is applied. Jaundice accompanied by severe headache. The left-sided remedy.


A commonly used remedy. The right-sided remedy. The pain runs from the liver to the right scapula. Jaundice results from a blocked gallbladder. The pain in the gallbladder feels like it's being pushed around the liver. A heavy, throbbing pain.


For gallstones and gallbladder pain. For jaundice and liver related diseases. When other carefully selected remedies do not work.


For gallbladder pain. Pain causing patient bend over double. Symptoms subside when the body is bent, pressure and heat are applied. Symptoms worsen when you become emotional or angry. Symptoms worsen due to drafts. Worse at 4pm. The pain worse from lying in bed evening and night. Worsening when eating or drinking.

China Off.

For gallstones and gallbladder pain. Pain from obstructio in the gallbladder. It got worse after the gallbladder was removed. When the liver is swollen and enlarged. When you are weak from dehydration.


A sharp pain shoots from the liver upward to right nipple. Pain in the gallbladder spreads to the chest, back, and arms. Bending makes the pain worse, bending backward and stretching relieves the pain. Pain worsens when lying down. Worsening in the evening and at night.


The liver is weak and digestive system is poor. Severe gallbladder pain. Gas accumulates along with jaundice. The patient is sensitive and the pain is worsened by breathing or touching.

Magnesium Mur.

The liver is enlarged and the stomach feels bloated. Pressing pain, worse when lying on the right side. The sharp pain in the gallbladder is relieved by eating. You may feel the pain radiate from the liver to the spine or epigastrium, and all you can do is lie on the back or on the side where the pain is. The pain is relieved by pressure and is aggravated by lying on the right side. Worsened by eating.

Nux Vomica

It is worsened by poor eating habits, overeating, stimulants, meat, fat, spicy foods, and alcohol. The liver is weakened by drugs, additives, alcohol, etc. For gallbladder pain. Symptoms are relieved by applying strong pressure, sleeping on your side, and drinking warm drinks. Worsened by cold open air and drafts.

If the pain attack is severe, please consult a doctor immediately.

You can also try using remedies while waiting to see your doctor or after your appointment.

For more information on potency and dosage, please refer to the "Potency and Dosage" blog. Click the button below for the blog.

#6 Conclusion...

As mentioned above, gallstones are something that takes time to build up. Negative emotions accumulated over time can affect symptoms.

Therefore, if there is no improvement with the above remedies, or if the symptoms do not improve even after temporary or partial relief, consult with a homeopath to come up with a solution. is recommended.

Ask them to prescribe deep-acting remedies that are related to situations that you couldn't see, such as your thinking patterns or the emotions you were missing.

The blog ``What is a homeopathic consultation like?'' explains in detail what a homeopathic consultation is like. For the blog, click the button below.

In addition, this blog explains the differences between acute symptoms and chronic symptoms, and the differences in how to choose remedies. For details, click the button below.

The secret is:

Express your emotions and don't bottle them up. Long-term patience gradually damages the body. Please be more kind to yourself.

Love and gratitude


If you want to know more about homeopathy, click this button.

If you would like to talk to me first, please click here to book a free consultation.

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